This is the Love

I have such an intensity of love for Asha. I love being with her and hanging out with her, she is such a pleasure, she is just the best. I am so incredibly fortunate to have such a beautiful sweet adorable daughter. And to think I once never wanted to have kids. I can’t imagine my life without Asha and I don’t know how I ever thought I was fulfilled and happy before I had her. To anyone who’s on the fence about having kids, I have two words for you: Do it. If you don’t, you’ll always regret that you never did. Even if you can’t have kids naturally, you can always foster or adopt. It doesn’t matter whether the kid is biologically yours or not. Just loving and caring for someone other than yourself is it. Life is about love, it’s why we are here, it’s what we were born to do. If you don’t experience this, a part of your soul will remain vague and empty and dark, and you will never fully live. I think being a mother is the highest form of love, it is the deepest, the most unconditional and the most pure. I want everyone to know a love like this. For it is this love that justifies humanity itself and is the ultimate refutation against animosity, hostility, horror and hate.


Choose Love

Be nice to each other, forgive each other, love each other, and be kind. The world could use more love and kindness. The world is a sad and dark and lonely place for many, and the only way we can change that is if we all try harder. We must come together, we must all do our part to put forth a concerted effort to tip the balance. Evil is strong and evil will win but only if we let it. So be nice to each other, choose love, and be kind.


New Beginnings

We got the house. I’m so fucking excited. Goodbye Los Angeles hello Vancouver. So long America it’s been cool but we’re going home we got work to do. A thousand thank yous to everyone for wishing us well and rooting for us, your love and support means the world. Extra special thanks to Dylan’s amazing business partner Dave and Dylan’s remarkable best friend Devon, both of whom wrote us beautiful recommendation letters, it was these things specifically that made this work. I can’t believe we got the place, it’s so perfect I almost don’t think this is real life. It’s like a fairytale happening in real time. It hardly seems possible. Especially now too, with all the fucked up stuff with this shit show of a year. 2020 man, it’s been such a rough ride. Finally something good happened. Amazing actually. This house is magic. I already see us thriving.


Real Love

Real love is not about making a connection but sustaining it. Real love takes work. The more you work and the harder you work, the better and stronger your love will be. Honour yourselves, honour each other, and honour the fact that it’s the work that makes love real.



We’re celebrating 15 years together, happy anniversary to my one true love. Blessed to spend this life with you, thank you for putting up with me, thank you for always having my back, thank you for all that you do, and thank you especially for inspiring me every day to be a better person. This picture was taken a year and a half ago at Huntington Botanical Gardens when Asha was a month old. I’m so thankful for you, I’m grateful for our family, and I love you both the most always.


Choosing to Live

No one is perfect. We don’t always do the best thing or the right thing. We sometimes do and say hurtful things. But we cannot erase the past. We can only confess what happened and admit to being wrong. We can ask for forgiveness and try to act differently in the future. The best thing we can do with the failures of the past is to let them be history. Accept that they happened. Accept that it hurt and that it may still hurt. Acknowledge failure and ask for forgiveness. Love does not keep a record of wrongs, love does not keep score. We can’t erase the past but we can accept it as history. We can choose to live today free from the failures of yesterday through forgiveness. Forgiveness is the way of love. It is the choice to show mercy.


Wearing Masks

The main reason public face maskwearing is so important with Covid-19 has to do with the prevalence of asymptomatic carriers who can still spread the virus to others. This fact makes it difficult to suppress transmission in the community, but if everybody is wearing face masks, that means infected and asymptomatic people are also wearing masks, which can help reduce the amount of virus released into the environment potentially causing infections. So please mask up kids. Our friend Bethany makes these dope handprinted masks that are available at her awesome online shops Well Done Goods and Cyberoptix.


Fixing Miss Daisy

As many of you know, Daisy ran away on the fourth of July in terror of the fireworks and was missing for two days. She survived a 30′ fall from our roof and was found wandering a mile north from our place. Miraculously we got Daisy back but she messed up her leg during her escapade.

Daisy needs emergency elbow surgery performed by a specialist as soon as possible, and the total cost for everything is far more than we can currently afford. We feel bad asking for help and asking for money especially, as we know these are lean times for all of us due to COVID-19. As such, we hate to ask and we wouldn’t be asking if we didn’t have to, but if Daisy does not get this surgery right away, her leg will heal wrong and she will continue to be in pain. Our normal vet might be cheaper but they don’t have surgical availability until the end of the month, which they say would be too long to wait.

We have already paid $1500 in shelter, vet, emergency clinic, specialty consultation, pain medications, x-rays and ultrasound fees, and ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital has given us a total cost estimate of between $6000-8000 for everything that is further required to treat Daisy. We simply cannot afford this. We would be forever grateful if you can help us meet this cost.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and kindness. Daisy is extremely special and important to us and it matters that we give her what she needs. If and when we are financially back on our feet again and you need our help for any reason, we promise you we will repay the favour and give what we can.


Thank you with love,
Nunich & Dylan.


A Little Bit Asian

A girl asked me do you want to be in our gang, I said what are the requirements, she said you have to be a little bit Asian and a little bit crazy, I said you just 100% described me. My dentist swears up and down that someone comes into her office that looks exactly like me, she talks like me, she even has the same laugh apparently. My dentist had all the dental assistants and the receptionists gather around to see and all sundry murmured agreement. I said listen shit I don’t know who this bitch is but I’d love to meet her she sounds fucking terrific.


Black Lives Matter

Saying “All Lives Matter” as a response to “Black Lives Matter” is like saying the fire department should spray down all houses even if only one house is on fire because all houses matter. Yes all houses matter but the fire department does not need to spray your house if your house is not on fire.