The Breakfast Club

Mealtimes which used to be complicated are now enjoyable for all. I measure out precise amounts for XS, S, M sized dogs and I pile the portions. Then I sit in my big white chair on wheels with little Daisy protected in my lap so she can partake unabated. I place the bowls for Mizu and Feather to my right and left. Then all three dogs wolf the fuck out of their food in seconds flat like they never ate a damn meal in their lives. Makes me feel like I should refill their bowls because I didn’t give them enough, but I know that many domesticated dogs are vastly underexercised and overfed and so I resist. They’ll eat again at dinner and then they’ll also have another walk. Our new routine is so good. Waking up to these dogs is a delight. Walking them, playing with them, taking care of them, loving them, it’s game on. This is a dog bonanza. Dylan runs exuberantly around the house shouting, “Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!” Meanwhile Mizu be like yo what the fuck dude I thought I was your favourite dog who be these other two bitches.


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