For a Brief Moment in Time

One of our neighbours has a children’s playhouse in their front yard and walking past it Asha dashed up on their lawn straight into the playhouse and wouldn’t leave. She was on cloud 9 million inside that thing, grinning and peaking at me and saying in a hushed excited voice, “Come on, Mommy.” She was so cute and happy inside the playhouse I didn’t want to cut her joy short, but I didn’t want the neighbours to be pissed that we were in their yard in the playhouse trespassing. Eventually I had to drag Asha bodily out and do the fireman’s carry I often have to resort to whenever Asha refuses to yield. The whole neighbourhood was subjected to a lot of flailing, shrieking, wailing and screaming while I maintained pokerface status throughout the tantrum until we were home. The struggle was indeed real. Later I got Asha her own backyard playhouse and my mother-in-law and I took about 50 years to build it even though the instructions said it should take 20 minutes. Our playhouse is cute but small and admittedly not as awesome as the neighbour’s, and of course Asha is only minimally interested. So it goes. Sometimes though, Asha does hang around near it and gets inside, and for a brief moment in time, everything is right with the world, and all are satisfied.


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