Can’t Hurt Me

Probably the best book I read last year. If I had a hero besides Bruce Lee and ill.Gates, it would be David Goggins. Shoutout to Joe Rogan, for despite how much of a meathead he can sometimes seem, and as problematic as his podcast sometimes is, it has introduced me to a lot of extraordinary human beings, and it’s got me looking into much of what makes life fascinating. Truthfully without The Joe Rogan Experience, I don’t think I would ever have come across people like David Goggins, Brian Cox, Eric Weinstein, Lex Fridman and countless others. So thank you Joe Rogan, for the podcast and all the interesting conversations, and thank you David Goggins, for writing this amazing book and sharing your incredible story. Stay hard y’all, and keep fucking swearing, if that’s the way you naturally fucking talk.


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