The Weeping Somnambulist

It was so great when we heard a Bassnectar song on Breaking Bad, I’d love if on The Expanse an ill.Gates track was featured. It’s fantastic going through the whole show again in preparation for the next season. The protomolecule is so badass. While I have slight allegiances to Earth, Mars and the Belt, I’m kind of Team Protomolecule. “Is that so,” said Dylan, though I think he’s probably Team Protomolecule too. One of my tricks is to keep a whole stable of secret girlfriends, but I always vet the girls with Dylan. Like whenever I encounter a woman that’s perfect for me I say, “How about that one,” or “I think she’d look great on my arm, don’t you,“ or “She should be my girlfriend,” or “If I had a girlfriend, it would be her.” Recent examples include Naomi Nagata, Julie Mao and Drummer, all of whom are characters on The Expanse. Dylan approves. We seem to have the same taste in women.