Deja Voom 2.0

So excited for this. Was super bummed to miss the inauguration of this festival last year Dylan said it was amazing. Thrilled to get to go this year and to bring Asha, it’s basically the perfect way to experience a festival and the perfect first festival experience for Asha. Also thrilled to get to bring Eric and Sarah as our special VIP guests especially since we failed to attend their epic farflung fairytale wedding on the Faroe Islands last year. Gonna be fire to have them there. They’re trying to get pregnant so Sarah isn’t partying so she’s the perfect sitter for Asha while me and the boys rage from stage to stage. I was even going to get to play a half hour set as NIGHT NURSE opening for ill.Gates at one of the side stages but then I wasn’t. Was real exciting for a second there but the Lorin giveth and the Lorin taketh away as Dylan says. Still going to be awesome though, just slightly less awesome without NIGHT NURSE.


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