Good Morning Haters


Dylan recently was dealing with a hater and we made the mistake of checking out the guy’s Facebook. Among the many light-hearted opinions and whimsical comments we saw this person finds solace in not being able to lock down a girl who likes to go shooting because then he only has to buy ammo for 1. The guy refers to women as cum dumpsters and feels giving ladies the right to vote is stupid and a waste. He dislikes people who make irksome distinctions between steroid muscle and nonsteroid muscle and offered the naysayers the chance to be punched in the balls by his steroid muscles so the beaten person could resolve whether the pain from the punch was real. There was so much more but we had to stop to catch our breathes. We reeled in fascination and amazement. I kinda wish now I was a politician involved in a political debate just so I can call my opponent a cum dumpster. This is all so wild and unthinkable and ferociously offensive it paradoxically approaches fun. How in the first place was this young man ever a fan?


2 thoughts on “Good Morning Haters

  1. Kelsey Faery says:

    Loving being subscribed to your blog. First one I’ve ever subscribed to. Dylon congratulate me (I had a hatter sending me mail) on getting hate mail. He said that one you finally get hate mail you know your making a impact on the world.
    Nice to see that Dylan is making doing his bit. Oxox

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