Just had a grand homecoming after running some errands. Daisy and Feather are my number one fans, almost to the point of desperation. Dylan said when I left they went into crisis mode and whimpered and wailed and wouldn’t settle down, Dylan had to hold Feather tightly for a while as she was shaking uncontrollably. Both dogs ran to every possible window and pawed the door and cried and took ages to become quiet. Then they absolutely lost it when I returned. It’s lovely, even heartbreaking, but I hope with time they can get to be a little less fervent, though I’ll admit being loved this deeply and missed this intensely does feel good. Dylan claims he loves and misses me just as deeply and intensely when I’m away and I said “Lol” and he said “I do” and then he pouted, as though the pout is sufficient to make the claim true.


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