I Thought Being

I thought being on a bus and on the road with Husband would be kind of grueling and gnarly but actually it’s been very snazzy and a lot of fun. The best thing though is that we’re together and curling up tightly nightly in our Japanese capsule hotel like bunk is all cuteness and love. Spooning is mandatory for it to work. Shows have been unignorably interesting, the bass every time Excision takes the stage is so staggering and excessive, it startles and deranges my whole body and my mind every time. “I have never heard bass this loud before ever in my life” is something you hear spoken between persons at shows at least ten times. The others on the tour are good young men, entertaining and sweet each in their singular ways, everything so far has been really great. Except last night. One of the Dirty Phonics boys slipped and smashed his teeth in. Spent the rest of the evening in Emergency and will need some fairly serious dental surgery. Very unfortunate, no matter how sort of rock n roll and badass the broken teeth look. Now it’s sunny and hot and a brand new day, we’re at an amazing vegan organic place eating incredible food, this town we’re in is subtitled the San Francisco of the South and it shows. Tastes delicious, good fuel for further and more. See you out there.


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