Magic Eraser

I remember when one of my girlfriends first told me about Magic Eraser, her eyes went big and wide, she dragged me by the hand and said, “You’re going to love it” and I did. In fact it’s my favourite cleaning product, Magic Erasers changed my fucking life. They’re amazing and are in fact magic. It’s fucking crazy how quickly and completely they clean everything. It got me thinking, “I can’t be the only bitch that’s in love with this shit” and so I landed upon a Facebook Mr. Clean group where I discovered other like-minded ladies all up in a swoon over Magic Erasers too. Actually most of the women in the group were swooning for Mr. Clean himself. So much so that they wrote him countless flirtatious comments and incredibly suggestive remarks. These messages run the gamut from innocent simple gratitude to outright salaciousness. Like “You can come clean my house anytime” and “My stove’s not the only thing that needs scrubbing.” This is how pathetic and adorable women are. Unable to find Mr. Right in real life, they’ve taken to flirting with a made up man. A strong handsome tall friendly white man who loves to clean. Granted he’s bald yes but it’s deliberate baldness and thus still sexy it would seem. And whoever maintains the Mr. Clean Facebook page takes the time to gallantly respond to everyone. Like “Glad I could be of assistance, Karen” and “Linda, you know I’m always happy to help.” I was pretty floored. I had no idea. Hilarious as all this is, it’s a little bit sad and a little bit touching. Because this is how pathetic and adorable women can be. All they want is a strong handsome tall friendly white man who loves to clean.


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