New Dress

Daisy’s new outfit is a hit, I think it’s her best dress yet. Before she had a little pale blue gingham dress I thought was the best and before that she wore a miniature onesie that had pizza slices printed all over it and it was looking like the pizza onesie was the winner. We live in an industrial area surrounded by large trucks, construction and men at work. Every day the workmen shout, “Good morning Foster Mommy” and they call the dogs “Little Fosters.” I guess someone’s told them our whole life story. Along part of the walk we pass a fenced in lot where a large unhealthy Doberman barks his head off and menaces the girls. Daisy is terrified of the Doberman and always requests to be protected and carried. The Doberman has the dog version of a dad bod and he’s not really that scary, he’s just huge, especially compared to Daisy. He’s just doing his job. Feather gets all excited and gnashes her teeth, she expresses happiness and excitement in charming ways. Both girls are so incredibly sweet, they’re really great, I love them deeply and more every day.


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