No Matter What

Wifi should be free and jackable everywhere. Cell phones should have consistent reception and be the same rate for use no matter where you are. Bags, purses, suitcases and shoulder bags should be well-designed, attractive and comfortable. Public bathrooms should be Godlike in spotlessness. People should smile only when they mean it. Shoes should stay dry no matter what. Religion shouldn’t fuck people’s brains up, music should be memorable, art should be transcendent, friends should be fantastic, love should be luminous, life should not be hard!

This is from a spastic email I hectically wrote to Dylan, once I could find some wifi that would successfully properly allow me by international use of my mobile phone to finally freely send it. Everything now is fine, for those of you who were “worried.” For everyone else, shit still sucks. Kidding. Life is awesome, no motherfucking matter what.


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