Skip Hop Silver Lining

Asha loves her new Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Baby Multi Play Mat and Activity Gym and so do I, it’s of very good and cute design. One of the plush mobile toys though squeaks when squeezed and it was all over for Daisy the moment she noticed. Now that squeaky mobile is all she can think of and although Daisy has a whole basket full of fine squeaky toys it’s the new plush squeaking toy that’s best of all for being forbidden. Now Daisy fetches and brings her own favourite toys and lies in the center of the play mat and I have to remove her whenever I catch her, I’ve even caught Feather once lying on her side all spread out enjoying the new illicit comforts. Feather normally is such a dog’s dog, she’s happy lying on the cold hard floor right at my feet relaxed but guarding mom and baby from the world. Speaking of baby in three days this little cutie turns three months old.


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