Stronger at the Broken Places

Black Fox

My first book and my first party!

There’s some confusion about this event because it seems the words “book” and “party” are rarely used in the same sentence. Some people seem worried they’ll be at the club with the music on low volume and being forced to stare at some girl, listen to her mutter excerpts from a book they know nothing about and haven’t read. I assure you this party will be much louder, more memorable, and more exciting than all that.

Main room will be a place for you to rage while specially selected diverse musicians and talented djs will perform and slay face. Back room will be me and my books and some large double-sided framed art collage photography prints for sale, and with more personal eclectic dj actions setting the vibe and pace. Drinking, dancing, discussing the art and the books, and socializing, that’s what’s up.

9:30 Moldover
10:30 El Papachango
11:30 ill.Gates
1:00 Dov1

10:00 Dark Twain
11:00 Nick Dagger
12:00 Night Nurse

Moldover’s offering a special live performance involving a midi controller, guitar, and vocals. He’s the first main room act and he is awesome so come early. I call El Papachango “Captain South America,” he’s always been one of my favourites. I don’t really know who ill.Gates is, but I hear he’s real nice and not half bad at djing. Dov’s so cute and sweet I just wanna pinch his cheeks. Nick Dagger’s got some great dancehall ragga drum and bass realness to give, Dark Twain who is huge and tall and black I booked purely on the strength of how witty his name is. Night Nurse is me so brace yourselves. My modus operandi is eclectic, unexpected, fucked up, strange and good. I insist on quality and I hate to be bored. The music of the night will deliver accordingly, not to mention the art and the books!

Book signing party at a dance club. Unorthodox, but that’s the point. Party in the front, business in the back. Joy all night. Bitch you guessed it.

I’ll also have large 20X16 double-sided professional-grade lustre prints of some of the art collage photographic pieces that appear in my book for sale at the party. Double-sided means 2 silver halide prints for the price of one. Printing, framing, matting, tax and shipping all included, framed in handcrafted real solid wood, and $120 each. All prints have a subtle special protective metallic lustre finish.

This gallery showcases some of the images available.

I’ll bring several framed pieces to the party, but you can order from me separately at any time, in which case you can choose which 2 images you’d specifically like, instead of being limited to what pictures I’ve chosen to have printed together, and have brought with me.

Have a look, please enjoy, see you Friday!


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