Reaching the Mark

Presenting Asha Sofía Atari Lane, born during the spring equinox beneath a full moon sky. Asha means hope or desire in Sanskrit and beautiful life in Swahili. Sofía means wisdom or skill. Atari means hit, success, reaching the mark, uttering Atari signifies the time in which a goal is won. What a wonderful day, perhaps the most wonderful day ever recorded. I’ve never cried so much from amazement, gratitude and love.


The Only Way

The best leg up in this world is love and encouragement, with a parent’s love you can go far. If you have good parents, be thankful, don’t take that shit for granted. If you are a parent, be the best parent possible to your child, especially if your own parents sucked. Because the only way this world can ever be saved, and the only way this world can ever be worth saving, is if we all do better. Stop complaining about whatever nonsense and bullshit. Stop complaining, stop shifting responsibility to others, stop making excuses. Be better by doing better.