Inertia and Closeness

BirthdayYesterday we laid around lost inside a pile of pillows all tangled up naked in the manufactured dark and watched projected big on walls six films all in a row. A luxury of inertia and closeness. Pure languor. Real nice. True story.

Fahrenheit 451 despite being a wonderful book made for a very bad film. We kind of couldn’t believe it, sighed a lot, held each other close and were basically cowering by the end. What a mess. Embarrassing. Too bad. Repo Man was hilarious, The Quiet Earth was pretty good, I forget what else happened. Lots of audio book horror short stories too read by narrators with melodramatic voices. Nice times and makes for interesting dreaming.

Today we are actually up and moving around. Limbs are pleasing things. It’s pretty goddamned beautiful out there today, we would be remiss to not take action. Plus hi! It’s my birthday!