All We Can Do

“I know now that for all our careful planning, no matter how our birth experience turns out, we cannot prepare ourselves for anything or protect ourselves from disappointment and heartache. We cannot anticipate the sheer joy our children will bring, or the way our hearts can open and break because of them. All we can do is choose the people we want beside us through whatever life has in store, take their hands and hold on tight.”

Ann Hood


Cuddle Monster

Meet MacGyver, a 4-year-old Argentine red tegu lizard from California, who may be the most popular lizard on Earth. This oversized adorable reptile has almost 200,000 followers on Instagram, 50,000 followers on YouTube and even has a LinkedIn page. Every day, thousands of people admire pictures and enjoy videos of MacGyver eating, going for walks, helping out with tasks, meeting new people, making friends, having baths, taking selfies, giving kisses and, most importantly, cuddling. MacGyver loves to cuddle.