The first time I made Dylan aware of Rick Owens ancient wife and muse, Dylan was very much taken aback. He sputtered, “But she looks like Satan! Why is he married to Satan!” Now that some time has passed, and the shock has worn a bit off, we are both on board and can agree to admire and appreciate Michèle Lamy. I hope I can be even half as entertaining, powerful, and deranged when I am ancient.

Lamy would make for rather a melodramatic mother, partner, collaborator, or wife, and the fact that her hero is Snoop Dogg really adds. Lamy also raps and has done exactly that on tracks with A$AP Rocky and ZEBRA KATZ. She is the first prominently featured character in this epic 16 minute artistic visual music odyssey by FKA twigs. The video is beautiful, fascinating, and strange, just like the woman who made it.