I Still Think

So, Asha has intermittent exotropia, also called wandering eye, which is a type of strabismus (eye misalignment) in which the eyes drift out from time to time. Asha‘s case is a little unique in that she hasn’t had this problem since birth, or, at least, we didn’t notice it until recently, also, it’s not just in one eye, but both eyes. She’s been twice to see an eye specialist and the only way to fix it is through surgery. The doctor will help us decide in two months whether surgery is advised. Thankfully, here in Canada, the surgery is covered. The doctor said surgery is typically a good idea, especially at Asha’s age, because there are a lot of benefits and corrections when young tend to stick. Here is Asha doing a quick photoshoot in the bathroom after one of her appointments with the ophthalmologist. Wandering eyes or no, I still think she’s perfect and sweet and gorgeous.