Life’s Too Good

Me and Asha are watching Jane The Virgin and she is all about it. She’s transfixed, plus she is learning to sit all tucked in against mommy, we are spoon sitting. It’s so fucking great having a baby, she’s such good company. I have someone to do everything with 24-7 and she likes everything I like so far. Plus she cracks me up, she’s a real comedian and she hasn’t even learned to talk yet. She thinks I’m real funny too, I’m always getting her to smile and laugh. Making Asha laugh is one of my favourite pastimes. Seeing her jolly gives me joy. Daisy and Feather too. Shit is running. Hope something bad doesn’t happen, things are good, maybe too good. This is why I’m going out of my way to count my blessings. I’m so glad and grateful.


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