1. Make sure that you look and smell good. Make sure there’s nothing stuck between your teeth, that there’s no gunk in the corners of your eyes, that your hands are washed, that your nose is clean, and that both your body and your breath smell fresh. These basic details of personal hygiene and self-presentation are important and when there’s something wrong in any of these areas, no one might tell you, they might silently be various levels of turned off or grossed out, and you might never learn why or be made aware. It’s your job to take care.
2. Learn new things and hone skills. Practice daily. Become an expert in what you care about in all the areas you like.
3. Develop your own style, in how you dress, how you act, in the art you create and in how you express yourself. Style is who you are and style counts.
4. Volunteer some of your time doing something that matters to you. Donate some of what you have to groups you want to support.
5. Men don’t be assholes and ladies by all means be a bitch. Just don’t overdo it because there is such a thing as being too much of a bitch.
6. If someone needs your help and you can help them, help them.
7. Stop wasting time and stop making excuses. Do good work, do good things, and do it now.
8. Learn what you can forgive, what you must accept and what you have to change. Learn to say I’m sorry and learn to say I love you.
9. Share all you have and all that you are with someone deserving.
10. Don’t harm anyone, not even yourself.
11. Let go of hate. Love deeply.
12. Smile often, laugh a lot.


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