All Hope Abandon

All hope abandon, ye who are not microbladed. She done finally done had herses. And just like that, eyebrows. This is the first time I’ve had eyebrows in 27 years. Girl, if I had known microblading was an option, I would’ve done this ages ago, I mean, do I not look good. Yet another demonstration of why it’s sad and tragic I didn’t have a mom or an older sister or like a drag mother, some kind of guiding light, to help me ably bravely face the rigours of style, beauty, makeup and art. (Actually, scratch the drag mother part, since a drag queen would’ve encouraged the eyebrow shaving lol). More seriously though, I really did have to learn everything the hard way. Yet another demonstration of why Asha is so fortunate to have me, to care for her, to care about her, to help her and to guide her, the whole way, and I will do so doggedly, continuously, happily, with intention and skill. I’ll always care and I always will. It’s sad and tragic I never got to have that, but, in being for Asha what I missed out on having for myself, I kind of get to be so fortunate too, because being is as good as having, and giving is as good as getting, maybe it’s better.