Everything She Likes

For Asha’s birthday, we filled the day up doing everything she likes. Dylan took her to the library where she ran wild and then they went grocery shopping where Asha got to get whatever she wanted. She wanted cookies and ice cream and pie. Then we went swimming and Asha was over the moon. Before swimming, Asha gave us an especially peppy version of her we’re going swimming dance. Adonis and Jan kindly stayed back to assemble Asha’s trampoline, we are so lucky and grateful to have helpful and wonderful friends. After swimming, Danny brought Rani over and Tara stopped by with her boys. Chaos ensued and poor Daisy barely made it out alive. Was very nice to have other kids around for Asha but sweet mother of god. Made me appreciate Asha’s preschool teachers who handle twenty 2 to 5-year-olds for several hours every day. We could barely handle four kids for five minutes. Made me appreciate the difference between one child and several. Made me appreciate the difference between having a girl and not boys. Eye opening, to put it mildly. Dylan made Asha’s favourite meal (noodles) and then we ate pie and ice cream, sang Happy Birthday and Asha opened her gifts. She actually found her presents stash a few days early and demanded to open the gifts at once, so she only had the remaining gifts to open on her actual birthday. Asha loved it all. To close the evening off, we brought Asha outside to jump on the trampoline and she just about lost it. The girl was born to jump so the trampoline was a massive hit. Asha loved it so much she paused to walk in a circle and give each individual trampoline pole a kiss. Very amusing and sweet, that girl is just a heartbreaker. Overall a really fun and wonderful birthday. I love celebrating Asha and making her happy, I almost prefer her happiness to my own. Seeing her smile and enjoying herself is the best. I want to have more children so that I can love them with my whole heart and celebrate their special days. Birthdays are so much better with kids, actually almost everything is. Never in a million years did I ever think I’d think this. Asha is such a blessing. She makes life worth whatever sadness, struggle and trouble there is. It’s an absolute joy to love her, take care of her and celebrate her. Happy birthday, Asha!


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