Fixing Miss Daisy

As many of you know, Daisy ran away on the fourth of July in terror of the fireworks and was missing for two days. She survived a 30′ fall from our roof and was found wandering a mile north from our place. Miraculously we got Daisy back but she messed up her leg during her escapade.

Daisy needs emergency elbow surgery performed by a specialist as soon as possible, and the total cost for everything is far more than we can currently afford. We feel bad asking for help and asking for money especially, as we know these are lean times for all of us due to COVID-19. As such, we hate to ask and we wouldn’t be asking if we didn’t have to, but if Daisy does not get this surgery right away, her leg will heal wrong and she will continue to be in pain. Our normal vet might be cheaper but they don’t have surgical availability until the end of the month, which they say would be too long to wait.

We have already paid $1500 in shelter, vet, emergency clinic, specialty consultation, pain medications, x-rays and ultrasound fees, and ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital has given us a total cost estimate of between $6000-8000 for everything that is further required to treat Daisy. We simply cannot afford this. We would be forever grateful if you can help us meet this cost.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and kindness. Daisy is extremely special and important to us and it matters that we give her what she needs. If and when we are financially back on our feet again and you need our help for any reason, we promise you we will repay the favour and give what we can.


Thank you with love,
Nunich & Dylan.


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