Make Art and Dream

Back when I used to have a day job. I feel a little sorry for anyone who’s never had the pleasure of being paid $300/hour to do things like tie random men up, hurl insults at them, make demands, kick them in their stupid balls and piss on their stupid faces. Shit was so fun I would have done it for free. So much more than just easy money, I got to dress up gorgeous, drink, smoke, have my feet kissed and be worshiped while I tortured people. Life every day literally was a goddamn party. Basically I eventually had to quit because nobody should be having that much fun all of the time. Takes the fun out of having fun. Now I just read books, write stories, exercise, clean, make art and dream about dogs. Admittedly I am still having fun. But shouldn’t wish for strife in a life because that shit will come.


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