Making a Makeup Artist

Asha got so many presents on her birthday that she didn’t even finish opening them all at her party or read all the cards. Asha got so many amazing gifts it was overwhelming and I was as excited as she was. Of all the gifts, the Townley Girl Barbie Beauty Vanity Set With Light-Up Mirror was the big winner. It put her in a trance. She gazed at it like it was the Ark of the Covenant, got up as if hypnotized and with a slow grandeur walked off into the night. I was all like girl where are you going with that. Once she remembered where she was, Asha and her friends gathered around and all did each other’s makeup. They came up with some pretty great looks. That makeup set was such a mike drop. To this day Asha is obsessed. She’s always off over at her Frozen Vanity quietly carefully crafting her look. I think we have a little makeup artist in the making. Val Garland would totally give her a ding dong.


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