Pink Princess

As for potty training, this skill can be complicated and awkward to either teach or master. Every kid is different, some get it fast, some take longer, some have continued accidents beyond having learned, sometimes for years. There’s different ways and methods to potty train your kid and I guess a combination of these is best. Asha seems to have learned about potties from one of her shows. Whenever I’m in the bathroom, Asha sits on her potty next to me fully clothed and says, “Asha potty too.” Sometimes she sighs. Sometimes she hands me a roll of toilet paper. Sometimes she mimes wiping behind her and finally she stands up abruptly announcing with confidence and satisfaction, “All done!” when of course she hasn’t actually done much. Asha alerts me when she’s got a dirty diaper that needs changing. She’ll say, “Asha poo poo?” and she’ll walk a bit funny or pull at her clothes. Asha calls everything poo poo, she doesn’t distinguish between pee and poop. We got a fancy two part toilet seat with an interior seat for Asha and, once we install this, potty training will really begin. Some say to keep the kid naked and throw them on the potty as soon as they start peeing or pooping. Some say to go to the bathroom in front of your child, explain what’s happening and encourage them to do it like you. Some suggest putting the kid in training underpants, taking them to the bathroom often while saying, “Go potty?” and doing this repeatedly until the child understands. Another approach is to have the kid in training underwear and let them learn the consequences of their actions, ie that it’s disgusting to be walking around covered in shit and piss. They’ll very quickly learn what going to the bathroom is and how and where it should happen. I hope toilet training Asha goes smoothly, with minimal effort required, and with a minimum of complications or accidents. I like to think Asha is a genius and that she’ll just “get it” without needing help. Wouldn’t that be great. Anyway, Asha starts school soon and she’s supposed to be potty trained by then, so I better get teaching and she better start learning. Wish us luck.


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