Ah Wub Boo

Asha patted the spot on the couch next to her and said, “Lie down, Mommy! Lie down.” So I went next to her, cuddling her all nice, arranging the soft grey blanket tucked tight upon us both. When we were all set, Asha pressed her palms onto my cheeks, gazed directly into my eyes, and said, “Ah wub boo.” “Ah wub boo?” I said, not understanding. Asha continued her direct gazing and said again, “Ah wub boo. Ah wub boo, Mommy.” I looked at her intently, straining to crack the code, and then suddenly I got It. “I love you!” I said. “Asha! I love you!” And my heart exploded heavenward with all manner of fireworks. “I love you!” I said again. “Ah wub boo,” Asha said, pleased to be understood, and happy that her statement made such an impact. Then she put her hands on my shoulders and gave me a big smacking kiss on the lips, very grandiose, in the exaggerated manner of an Italian hand gesture. She never broke eye contact, observing carefully what I thought about it all. For my part, I was in a state of high approval. We said “Ah wub boo” in unison followed by one grandiose lip smacking kiss many times. I grinned like I was the grand prize winner of the best prize possible, and it is, and I was. I live for just such moments, because it’s moments like this that render life exquisite.