Man on Stairs

Feather’s got it in her head that she’s got to guard the baby, she’s always lying down or sitting in front of Asha and making sure nobody approaches. She barks her fool head off at any sign of “danger,” anytime someone rings the doorbell or knocks, anytime someone comes down the stairs, (we call this MAN ON STAIRS), she does it to our roommates, she even does it to Dylan, I’m the only one she doesn’t do it to actually. She’s given herself this job, MUST GUARD THE BABY, at all times, at all costs. It’s a tiny bit annoying, but it’s mostly adorable and amazing. Let’s hear it for Feather, who, as far as dogs go, is one of the world’s best. We love you Feather. Daisy too, Daisy has lick mania and Feather has bark tourette’s.