Look At Me Now

Yesterday I googled “best colourist for Asian hair near me” and was presented with Yelp’s top suggestions. I called the place that seemed most relevant that could do what I wanted that could see me at once and suddenly I was surrounded by a bunch of Asians. From the stylists to the clients, everybody was Asian. They all seemed startled to see me, I was startled to see them, it was a mutual startling. My stylist as predicted didn’t hide the fact that she was strongly scandalized, perhaps even outraged, by the previous state of my hair, admittedly it was a shocking affair. That’s what I get for thinking I can do everything myself. Seems there’s a limit to my skills set. But look at my beautiful hair now! My hairdresser’s an actual genius. Team Asia straight crushing. If you saw the before picture you would more deeply appreciate the magic achieved. I am over the moon.