A Thousand Feelings

Just dropped off our angel for her first day of school! I’ll never forget the look on her little face, it was equal parts excitement and anticipation at the newness of it all, as well as wonder at where we were going and why we weren’t coming in. I feel a thousand feelings at this moment, I hope Asha isn’t asking for her mama and crying her eyes out. I hope the teachers and the other kids aren’t being subjected to a relentless and passionate tirade. She has gradual entry all week, today’s class is only 40 minutes, Dylan will get her then, after he picks up some photos we needed to print and include in Asha’s comfort kit. I’m off to see a skin specialist to get my keloid scar tissue assessed and the first round of steroid shots. I can’t wait to get all that done and sorted, and I can’t wait to hear how Asha’s first day of school went.


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