5 thoughts on “Tug of War

    • Laurel! Hello! Stephen told me this was you! I don’t even know if replies on my site get received or read (frankly I hate WordPress) but I’m so stoked to be enlightened as to who the glitchiest girl is. Wonderful to reconnect. I’ve always loved you guys. Hi hi hi!

      • i JUST saw this reply now Nunich, i total love you too and thoroughly enjoy being connected to you via your blog! the only other social media I’m on is Instagram, not sure if you’re there? i really need to turn on my reply notifications here lol, I’ve been really lax at maintaining my blog.

        • Yes, I’m really bad with social media too, the only one I keep up consistently is Facebook even though I hate it. The conversations and dialogue there work best but I’d much rather leave that site behind me and move on to less problematic aggravating infuriating sites. I want to update my blog to be more interactive, I’m also going to put up an online store. On Instagram I’m godislikeme, who are you there? Let’s widen the net of our friendship. So glad we’re in touch here.

          • I’m glitchiestgirl, i just found and followed you 😊 I’m glad we’re in touch too! i love following your blog and enjoy your writing, insight and photos. I’m more active on Instagram but mean to start blogging again soon!

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