We Go Well Together

One of the main reasons Dylan and I go well together is we’re both black sheep types. People tend to love or hate us, there is no middle ground. Certain members of Dylan’s family haven’t always supported him or approved of his choices. They routinely lecture, nag and criticize him, no matter how hard he works and regardless of his successes. His aunt Marjorie took a special disliking to Dylan for years and this dislike extended to myself. We’d both be criticized or ridiculed for all manner of stuff. For example, we used to be strict vegans but we also smoked. Dylan’s family considered these details to be hypocritical and ridiculous. At holiday meals, if Dylan or I asked for something to be passed to us, aunt Marjorie would say, “The vegan smokers want potatoes,” or, “Here’s your vegan smoker salt.” “We all have our flaws and imperfections,” I said. “Yours is being an extremely unforgiving, self-righteous, cold and judgmental cunt.” This comment was not received well. And, of course, I said no such thing, but maybe I should have. Maybe I should have. By the way, we no longer smoke and we are no longer vegans.


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