Make It Count

There’s a lot of things about this world that are really awful, depressing, and disappointing, what’s most upsetting is human behaviour and human beings. All the same, we must be grateful and glad to be here, to exist at all, to have this chance to define ourselves, to contribute what we can, to be a part of the force of light and goodness and change. We need to transcend sadness, depression, disappointment and anger, and move forward into acceptance, acknowledgment and awareness in order to discover and develop our real strengths so that we can speak in a stronger voice, convey a deeper love, and create with a more unbreakable heart. We need to both let go and to hold on. The world isn’t good and human beings are terrible, but the world is also beautiful, and humans are an immutable part of that beauty. We are human and we are here. It’s up to us to make that count.