Being Normal


It’s amazing how furious people get over Dylan’s haircut. Some people are head over heels in love with it and others want to murder him in order to properly express the depth of their hatred. The crux for most people is they want Dylan to look normal. They want Dylan to act normal. They want Dylan to be normal. But why would anyone want to be that? Why would you want to be lifeless, monotonous, forgettable and average? Fuck that shit, and fuck the people who don’t have the balls to be different. Fuck being normal. Normal is for chumps. Bend some goddamned rules, burn the envelope, destroy the box. No one will ever care about how safe you played it. Beauty lies in daring, and greatness takes risks. Live, or die boring. Fortune favours the bold and history celebrates men with special haircuts.


8 thoughts on “Being Normal

  1. But what about when we flounce and front on “normal”just because? When becoming the odd is the normal? When we can’t imagine life without, when we live inside the echo chamber? Coming from a far from normal human who looks like a normal man.

    • Oh gosh that’s totally fine. I’m more railing against the “normal” people who express aggression, negativity, hatred and violence against others because they’re different and for some reason the “normal” people have to say or do something awful about it. I can’t stand that shit.

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