Fifteen Dogs

Fifteen dogs

In dogspeak, ‘God’ is the master of all masters, ‘government’ is a group of masters deciding how a pack should behave, and ‘religion’ is a group of masters deciding how a pack should behave toward a master of masters. This is all from the book I am currently very much enjoying, although it’s breaking my heart a little bit. Already it’s made me blink back tears, but the total experience is also touching, fun and sweet. The author is Canadian and the story is set in Toronto, yes it’s about dogs, which you may know I kind of deeply love, so I was primed to love this book too, and I do. I was warned¬†the narrative¬†would make me bawl my eyes out, since anyone who loves dogs obsessively would have such a reaction. The book is definitely making me sad, but it’s making me think about dogs, and consider the author’s knowledge and intentions too. I love the book so far, though I wasn’t expecting so much dog-on-dog violence, especially not from the same pack. I thought all the shitty things the dogs would endure would be nearly exclusively at the hands of humans. Just goes to show you (what I think of humans or, when it comes to dogs) where my sympathies automatically always are.


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