Something Strange Happens



“The airplane is faster than the heart. You arrive quickly and you leave quickly. You don’t grieve too much. And there is something else about the airplane. You can go back many times to the same place. And something strange happens if you go back often enough. You stop grieving for the past. You see that the past is something in your mind alone, that it doesn’t exist in real life. You trample on the past, you crush it. In the beginning it is like trampling on a garden. In the end you are just walking on ground. That is the way we have to learn to live now. The past is here.” He touched his heart. “It isn’t there.” And he pointed at the dusty road. I felt he had spoken the words before, or had gone over them in his mind. I thought: He fights to keep his style. He’s probably suffered more than the rest of us. We sat, the three of us, drinking Nescafé. And I thought the moment beautiful.

V.S. Naipaul

True Love

The Progress of Love


I’ve started including “According to my calculations” sincerely in daily casual conversation. Also Dylan just caught me rocking out to Air Supply’s “Lost in Love.” He looked at me, shook his head slightly, and grinned. In former days, Dylan would’ve revolted, he would’ve covered his face with his hands, and beseeched God hard, but now he seems to be accepting and embracing shit just as it is. The progress of love. Soon you arrive at all the improbable turns and impossible twists as they happen, and you accept everything. You enjoy shit just as it is.