Toddler Speak

Toddler speak is as much a challenging and complex language as any to learn, the going is rather bristly and tough for a while, both for the toddler and the adult, in efforts to communicate and be understood. There is mystery and frustration felt by all parties, but the sense of triumph and reprieve when a riddle is solved is all rejoicing and exultation. That AHA moment is glorious beyond compare. So far with Asha this is what we’ve got: Barbie dolls are dogs. Stuck is syuck. Light is white. iPhone is eye bone. This one is swan. This way is sway. Orange juice is oh jin. Thank you is tanks daddy. Dress is yes. Black is bwack. Chicken is kitchen. Getting this far provides joy and succour for all involved. Let me tell you, raising a child, watching them learn, and teaching them stuff, is fascinating, exasperating, poignant and fun.


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