Being Good

Pro tip: Men don’t be assholes and ladies by all means be a bitch, just don’t overdo it because there is such a thing as being too bitchy. Also if you don’t think I’m smart and funny we probably can’t be friends. If I don’t think you’re smart and funny we definitely can’t be friends. And if I haven’t said “I don’t like you” doesn’t mean I do. Also don’t be a freeloader or a user. Other people do not exist merely for you to take advantage of them. Also don’t talk my ear off about your problems, especially if you’re not going to take my advice, especially if you don’t actually want your situation to change or improve. Nothing is automatic in this world. Human relationships are complicated and difficult. They require constant maintenance, diligence, focus and hard work, but so does being good at anything, including being a good person.


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