Maple Fever



We leave soon on a three month honeymoon! We’re traveling to Israel, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Canada and Costa Rica, with a possible stop in Sri Lanka where we’ll join a team to help build a house for the poor, and afterward we’ll throw a party. ill.Gates has been invited to dj and inaugurate the space. Should be awesome. Should still file a complaint with the boss though, because three months and seven countries is obviously not sufficiently exciting. I’m a wife, I know my rights. In Australia, I’ll be djing a few shows too, who knows, maybe I can get ill.Gates to open for me. Word is he’s a pretty nice guy and is also an adequately decent dj. I’m hopeful, and I believe it’s a good fit, but we’ll have to see what management thinks.


4 thoughts on “Maple Fever

  1. Tiffany says:

    YAY! This makes my heart smile for you both indeed. Can you feel that? Love Love Love headed right atch’ya xoxo Muah xoxo

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