Red Right Hand

Red right hand

I don’t have all the answers, I don’t know how life began or what consciousness is, or what all of this fucked up gorgeous shit is supposed to amount to, or what anything means. I do know however that life is too short to spend it feeling sorry for yourself, or worrying about some bullshit. Go out there and do shit. Learn, move forward, conquer, crush.

People have an almost absurdly difficult time taking responsibility when they should, saying “I’m sorry” when they should, without following a bogus sorriness up with still somehow trying to explain shit away, and ultimately blaming someone else. Take some goddamned responsibility. Say “I’m sorry” when you should be, and when you actually are, work to fix whatever shit went wrong. Say, “I’m sorry,” fix it, and move on.

Saying “I love you” seems hard for some. Just say it. When you feel it and mean it, fucking say it. Also, smile. Life isn’t a goddamned funeral, death is. Save your sadness and solemnness for that, right now you should get out there, be radiant, crush, and have some fucking fun. Love yourself, love others, learn as much as you can, give as much as you can, be brave, be incredible, and fucking enjoy shit.

The great meaning, the answer to being, living, the universe, and everything, the answer to all of this is individual, in other words, it’s motherfucking you. Live a tremendous life, fucking celebrate it, make it exciting. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy being alive and being you, because no one’s gonna do that shit for you. Also, call your mother. Tell her you love her, let her know how thankful you truly are. Because life’s a bitch, and your mom’s the baddest bitch by far.


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