A Separation

After decades of doing laundry, I’m actually only now finally separating my whites from my coloured clothes and washing two separate loads. The coloured clothes come out much brighter and the whites come out much whiter, which makes obvious sense, it’s ridiculous that it took me this long to do the job right. Goes to show that even though I’m awesome, I’m also stubborn, lazy and a slow learner. I resisted all this time because I am so “punk rock” and I insist on doing things my way. Also I don’t like other people telling me what to do, even when their advice makes sense, or is just flat out right, especially in the face of my obvious wrongness. So now I concede it’s true, you should separate your coloureds from your whites. I don’t mind admitting I was wrong this time, because these new laundry results are delightful.


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