Twin Peaks

Far more often than I would like, my mind is plagued by terrible things like rape, murder, war, exploitation, violence, deception, ​dishonesty, ​brutality, ​corruption, ​and abuse. I think about how awful people are, all the lies we tell ourselves and to each other, all the ​destructiveness, selfishness, hypocrisy and bullshit, the happiness we display at the misfortune of others, envy, hatred, jealousy. Then I hear some song I love, I eat a delicious meal that someone else prepared, I ride in a car over a majestic bridge that a​n enormous​ group of talented people helped successfully​ together​ to build. I read a story about how someone straight up gave their motherfucking life to save someone else, about people across the world bringing medical supplies, support, compassion, community, clean water and ​food to other people who every single day don’t have even that. Out on my deck​,​ I gaze over at Twin Peaks and ​witness a distant group of ​faraway strangers gathered to experience the exquisite view. They gaze out into this beautiful city, their final look at all that societal achievement, ​I watch them, I smile, and I feel glad. I feel a happiness and love for all those tiny people at a distance, I love them even though I’ll never know any of them, I smile to feel the immediacy and intensity of the love that’s in my heart​,​ and I feel a kind of deeply beautiful sadness​,​ because I am glad. Life is awful​,​ yes, people are awful​,​ yes, but life is so beautiful too​,​ and people are also beautiful. All that darkness is constantly challenged and eclipsed by all that light. ​Because the sun is wonderful and beautiful equally when it rise​s, but​ also when it sets.


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