Grateful to be Here

Hi it’s my birthday. It’s my birthday again on Tuesday too so if you don’t feel like wishing me a Happy Birthday today you have a second opportunity in four days. Most of you know by now that I have two birthdays. The reason for the two birthdays is because God said, “Jesus Christ this bitch is so awesome we should celebrate her twice.” So here we are. Even so, I totally wreck smashed my iPhone this morning. Not the most auspicious way to start my day. Bummer too since I literally just got the damn thing fixed and it already broke again. The place won’t give me a refund either so Dylan is going to drop the hammer on them when he’s back. Meanwhile all I’ve got is this fucked up phone. It’s turned out to be a beautiful day though. I’m grateful to be here at all. It’s an honour just to be nominated. Happy birthday to me. I’d like to thank the Academy.


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