The Liatorp

I read an article about a leading psychologist who made troubled couples build Ikea furniture together as an ultimate form of couples therapy. There’s a certain cabinet that’s such a nightmare to assemble it’s been labelled “The Divorce Maker.” I had to laugh picturing all these angry frustrated couples trying to assemble the thing and failing hard, they probably hated each other mere moments into the challenge, on top of the animosity, dissatisfaction and resentment they already felt going in. If that were Dylan and I, shit would go down pretty easy and straightforward. I’d just say, “Sweetheart, darling, illest person of all time. Build this insanity furniture and build it good. Call me over when you’re finished, so I can exclaim over the beautiful efficiency and nimble quickness of your great work.” Then I’d tuck off in a corner somewhere, kick back with a book and a drink, sigh deeply and smile to myself over how nice life is. What people in relationships sometimes forget is that you shouldn’t try to control each other, and you shouldn’t force things. You should shine on as the crazy diamonds that you independently are, and love each other for the very independence of your singular shining. There’s gotta be a heads and a tails, else there can be no quarter, no sunrise can blow your mind if the sun never sets, and anyway both sunrises and sunsets are magnificent.



After a bit of thought and research, I’ve concluded that “Ass N Titties” by DJ Assault might be the greatest song ever written. Lyrically there’s just no candle that can hold to that. “​Beat That Bitch (With a Bat)​”​ by Johnny Dangerous is also a ​strong ​contender alongside certain other tenacious tunes ​such as ​“The Percolator​” by Cajmere and Lil B’s “Wonton Soup.” Thirty on my dick on that court like Spalding​. B​itches suck my dick because I look like JK Rowling. Okay so I don’t know what Lil B looks like but I’m willing to bet that he doesn’t totally resemble JK Rowling. I mean I’m pretty sure out on the streets Lil B has been mistaken for JK Rowling zero times. And, I don’t know, are bitches even flocking to her for purposes of somehow sucking mad dick? I fail to see how any level of resemblance as such would lead to a tsunami of blowjobs​, or even just one, for anyone​. Still though my favourite​ is “Tightest” by Busy Signal. Baby you crotches. Oh my God it strike my cocky like a matches. I’m not saying you burn me. I just think your tight pum pum concern me. Busy indeed​. Finally there’s “Ass Like That” by Eminem. You make my pee-pee go doing-doing-doing. Your honour, no further questions. Sometimes shit just speaks for itself.



If you want to accomplish something special, original and truly new, you have to be relentlessly unapologetically determined. Be true to yourself, be true to your art, never take it for granted. You don’t have to conform, you can be as raw as you need to be and as raw as you want, but never change who you are. Remember that you can’t please everybody and you shouldn’t even want to. Treat every moment like it’s your greatest opportunity. Stay focused. Keep going. Do your best. Then do more. Quit fucking around.


Only a Word

It’s not what we do but how much love we put into our actions. Love is not found it’s made. You have to work hard to gain it and you have to work harder to maintain it. Once you stop trying love starts dying. Remember that love is both a noun and a verb. Without action love is only a word.


Spread Your Light

It’s not really who you love, what matters is that you love. Across the wins, losses, setbacks, gains and games, you must make an effort to love. Be more lovable and more loving. Remember that all the darkness in the world can’t put out the light of a single candle. Spread your light and spread your love. This is how every one of us can help to heal our world.


All This Time

“What’s the longest English word?” I asked Dylan. “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis,” Dylan answered. “How did you know that!” I thundered. “The second longest word is floccinaucinihilipilification,” said Dylan shrugging. I looked at Dylan like he was an actual alien and wondered who in the hell I married. All this time I thought he was just a dj.


Always Sunrise

It is always sunrise somewhere, nothing ever dies at once, rain is always falling, waves are always crashing. Eternal sunrise, eternal sunset, eternal dawn, on water, on earth, on hills, in gardens, in cities, everywhere, always, as the world turns. The grand show is eternal.

LAPSLEY. Station
BON IVER. Skinny Love
S.C. & T.S.S. Mean Old World
RIHANNA. Stay (Branchez Bootleg)
BEYONCÉ. All Night
ANTHONY B. Where To Turn
ZED’S DEAD. Where Did That Go
GRIZ. For The Love (Naderi Remix)
BIG WILD. When I Get There
BOB & MARCIA. Learning Things About You
SAM COOKE. Somebody’s Gonna Miss Me
H.W. Show Me Love (Big Wild Remix)
GRIMES. Butterfly
BOOPS FEAT. C.C. Police Officer (Jacky Murda Refix)
TOP CAT. Badder Than Them (Jacky Murda Reboot)
GRIZ. Better Than I’ve Ever Been
SAM COOKE. If I Had A Hammer
. Final Song
CHERUB. Doses & Mimosas
AMIR OBÉ. Wish You Well
POST MALONE. White Iverson
DUB FX. Love Me Or Not
J.C. FEAT. W.N. The Harder They Come
ROB VIKTUM. 4-17-1975
FETTY WAP. Trap Queen
N.G. FEAT. S.D. & A.C. Money Haffi Mek
WINSTRONG. Joy of Life
NICKY JAM. El Perdón
S.Q. The Purge [R.C.] (20syl Remix)
MONONOME. Never Leave
I.G. & S.J. Flying (HNGVR + Mudra Remix)
S.J. & T.K. FEAT. F.W. Funny Guy (Kognitif Remix)
GRIMES. Kill V. Maim
F.M. FEAT. SWAE LEE. Unforgettable
S.M. & L’ENTOURLOOP. Dreader Than Dread
POPCAAN. Give Thanks


Float Like a Butterfly

“People sometimes ask me if I’m ever afraid to speak out. My answer is no. Fear is a prison and I have been imprisoned all my life. All my life I have been afraid of the consequences of being myself. All my life I have been afraid of my truth. Whether it be the truth of my nappy hair, the truth of my ghettoness, or the truth of my intelligence, I feared it would make others uncomfortable. I spent 24 years locked in a box labeled ‘The American Dream.’ I spent 24 years dying, burdened by the truth of my own identity. To be afraid now would be a slap in the face. It is an honor to get to be me. I will never succumb to fear. I have to choose this life, even if it kills me, even if I end up penniless. Because the alternative is simply unbearable.”

Muhammad Ali


The Solemnity of the Moment

I read in some article that for maximum health you should hug and be hugged 14 times a day by someone you love. “Fourteen!” said Dylan. “That’s a lot of hugs.” Some days I am militant about the number. I’ll appear before Dylan in staunch position and block his passageway. “Fourteen,” I remind him. “Today we’ve not yet even had one! I am ready to receive my hug.” Dylan will concede but sometimes negligently. He’ll with open secrecy text behind my back and use the free hand to pat me in a distracted and casual attempt to reassure me that all is on track. I let the distraction hugs mostly slide and only once in a while critique the poorness of the show. When I am too soft on hug crime, Dylan will make moves prematurely to leave. I then stiffen my body up, set my face to a bold expression of maximum angst and declare, “THE HUG ISN’T OVER YET.” The door slam record scratch drama of my loud announcement snaps Dylan back into the solemnity of the moment. “Jesus,” he says, “you are a Hug Nazi.” “13 MORE TO GO,” I say in a voice like I always totally know the number without explicit counting. And so we hug. We never actually make it daily to 14 but we get some good ones in there. It’s a very nice time. Hugs. They matter.